Sunday, August 2, 2009

Summer Love

Okay, it's time to get blogging! I hope to give you updates on a regular basis, in a perfect world that would be daily, however, I must be realistic and shoot for several times a week.

I haven't introduced you to my latest summer love - Mo! Mo was born sometime in March and appeared on Mike's front porch with his brother Rosco on April 15. They were so small they fit into the palm of our hands. Keep in mind I had no intention of adopting another pet, considering I already have two adopted golden retrievers (Josie and Toby) and an adopted cat (Gracie).

I agreed to help feed and pamper both kitties until they were old enough to go to their adoptive homes. Betsie my daughter intended to take Rosco back to Raleigh, NC with her in May and Leah a student from work was eager to adopt Mo and take him to Cincinnati with her. Needless to say, neither kitty ever left Michigan. Mike was convinced they couldn't be split up, they were too attached to one another. So, yep you guessed it, Rosco went to live with him and Mo stayed with me. I have become so attached to him and he is a true love boy! He and Rosco have regular play dates!!

Introducing...Moses - adopted date: 4/16/09
Rosco is the tiger guy in the lower portion of the photo

With his new sister, Gracie

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