Sunday, June 22, 2008

Furnace, Bathroom and Siding

I know it's not terribly exciting but the new furnace is in, along with central air! The furnace is so small.

After ALOT of revisions, the bathroom is put back together. Some bozo decided to cut through the floor joist in order to install the toilet. You can imagine what that did to the stability in the floor, not to mention there were a few leaks over the years and the floor was disintegrating. But...all is good now. New floor, new tub, new green board on the walls, just waiting for the finishing touches.

Siding tear off is underway!

Drum roll please...the new siding is going on! It was between dark grey, yellow and ivory. I finally decided on the yellow and I couldn't be happier. The new roof is on too! Progress is beginning to be seen by passersby. As a matter of fact, someone from the township stopped by and thanked Mike Kusion for fixing up the house. He told her to thank the homeowner, he was only doing the work. She was taking pictures for some paper, now we just need to find out which one!

Josie making herself at home!

Great view of new door, new roof, new windows and new porch re-enforcements! The old porch posts were rotted, hmmm I wonder why the overhang was drooping??? We also cut down the bush type tree between the two small front windows!

Toby and Josie say hi!

The Dumpster and MORE!

So...the "hopper" was delivered for a two week visit! Needless to say it was jammed full of junk in no time! We kept up with the demo and Mike Kushion did more than his share of adding to the pile when he started installing the new windows!

The "Hopper" It's HUGE!!

Mike organizing the trash to make room!

New windows in the Dining Room

New windows in the bedroom

And the other bedroom

Another bedroom

Let the Demo begin!

So the shopping has, cabinets, bathroom fixtures and more! This all took place while we waited for Mike Kushion to add us to his work schedule. We also started demo by pulling out carpet, taking off old doors, pulling down wood paneling from the family among other things. Check out the demo photos below!

Family Room Wood Tear Off:

More Family Room tear off:

Yours Truly - Working Hard

Hall hardwood floors revealed!

The Kitchen GUTTED!

The Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Hallway to Bedrooms

Smallest of three bedrooms (VERY SMALL)

Second Bedroom: Identical size of Third bedroom - side by side, closet between)

Third Bedroom

Main Bathroom

Half Bathroom: Off family room

Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Inside: Laundry/Utility, Family Room

Laundry/Utility: Spot for Washer/Dryer

Laundry/Utility Room: Spot for furnace

Laundry/Utility: Storage

Family Room: Looking towards kitchen

Family Room: Toward rear of house (left), looking into Mudd Hall (right)

Family Room: Looking out to backyard

Family Room: Side wall next to half bath

Family Room: Fireplace wall

The Inside: Entry, Dining Room, Kitchen

Entering the front door:

The Dining Room:

The Kitchen:

Leaving the Kitchen toward Laundry/Utility Room:

Inspection and Beyond 4-4-08

So far so good, the inspector gave us a green light. He crawled under the house, explored the attic and did a thorough check. Of course the water/plumbing couldn't be tested since the house had been winterized and the water was turned off.

Now it's time to get the financing in order and explore my options!

I became a homeowner on May, 6, 2008. For the first time in my life my name is the only one on the title! Many thanks to Mike for his moral support and positive energy, he kept me going when I wanted to give up! There were many bumps along the road but persistence paid off and now the real fun begins!

Opinions, Inspectors, Relators and more 4-2-08

Sunday night we talk and talk and talk about our options can this work, will this work and are we CRAZY!! As our excitement builds, my first call is to our contractor friend Mike to ask his opinion. If Mike is willing to do the work and check out the house for an honest opinion we'll move forward. Mike was in Arizona when I called him to return on Tuesday night. We set it up to meet with him on Wednesday at the house!

He seems optimistic about the prospect and willing to work with us. His advice is to get it inspected before we do anything else. $150 is a small price to pay for peace of mind knowing it is sound and solid!

Jameson House 3-30-08

And this is where it begins...out of the blue I open the paper and glance through the Open Houses. Much to my surprise I see a listing on Jameson just outside of Lathrup park for $49,900! In complete shock and disbelief we decide to check it out (Betsie, Mike and me). I'm thinking it must be in the city but what the heck for that price in that neighborhood who cares.

Upon arriving at the house I realize it's in the Township, how can this be? We make our way inside with several other prospective buyers and discover the house is in complete disarray. No furnace, appliances, hot water heater, etc. It smells like cat pee and is FREEZING! The kitchen is a 1970's wreck, cabinets made from particle board of the cheapest quality!

We continue to check it out and the entire time my wheels are turning I'm envisioning what this place could look like! My shabby chic cottage type house!!

And so it goes...