Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Priming is a pain!

Mike and I worked like crazy to get everything covered before Mike K. started priming. We covered all the wood floors and all the windows with paper and tape. He started spraying the primer today. The wood floors are getting sanded on Thursday, things are starting to come together!

Freshly primed bedroom with covered windows and floor.

Freshly primed hallway with floor covered (gotta love the archway and coved ceilings)!

Freshly primed kitchen! Appliances are ordered now too! They are silver but not actual stainless steel (not a noticeable difference between the two other than cost)!
** oops, I lost the picture...I'll add it back tonight!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Drywall has begun...

Mike K. framed in the windows and hung the doors. He also tore out the laundry room cabinets, sink and counter.

New laundry room door opening and installed door.

Framing on bedroom window

Laundry room counter and sink tear out.

Laundry cabinet tear out.

New bedroom doors installed.

Break Time!

The electrician is done for now, check out the new exterior lighting.

Front porch light.

Lights on back of house.

Tony the drywall guy started Monday, July 21. He spent all of last week and Monday of this week and part of today! His job is done!


Family Room - looking into mud hall and towards kitchen.

Family Room - looking toward new window and 1/2 bath.

The long floor fight has ended! It is finally, completely tore up! Mike K. helped us immensely, he did 2/3's of it in alot less time it took us to a 1/3.

Collection of "stuff" - items to be installed.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Back Outside & Inside Work - Finally!!

The Siding is complete! Photo's coming soon with all the "junk" cleaned up and looking a little better. Landscaping and adding the finishing touches won't happen until late summer, early fall! Now to the inside!

The photo below shows what an amazing job Mike the contractor did with the attic doors. Much better than before...the old ones didn't close correctly and were an eyesore to say the least! These look like they belong here!

The new window is in! I couldn't be happier with final result! This was money well spent!

Inside view of the new window! It adds so much light to the Family Room! What a huge improvement!

The framing has begun. This is the framed doorway to the utility room. The drywallers begin Monday, July 21!

I know, not very exciting, but these are some of the new recessed lights in the Family Room.

Yet more lights!

And the final photo of lights!

Expanded opening between the Family Room and Kitchen (Family Room View).

Kitchen view.

The floor tear out!! Brutal, that's all I can say! Painstaking, backbreaking BRUTAL! Hours and hours of miserable work!!! WILL be worth it!

Yup, that's Mike, working his fingers to the bone, litterly!

Mr. Toby hates the pounding! He waits in the car for hours, he doesn't want to get left behind!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Siding, Door and More!

The siding is nearing completion, we just need to wait and wait and wait for Consumers Energy to come over and disconnect the power. See the progress below!

Check out the new Air Conditioner and the hole for the new window in the family room!

 I called Consumers Energy to disconnect the power from the house the week of June 22. I schedule July 2 for the date to have the work done. July 2 comes and goes, July 3 comes and goes, still no word from Consumers. I call them on Saturday, July 5 and explain the importance of having this done because it's holding up our siding project. They apologize for not making it out and tell me there was a scheduling error. They will be out that day (Saturday). The status is now RUSH since the first appointment was overlooked. you can probably guess they didn't show up on Saturday! Now I'm beginning to think someone must be at the home when they come by and that is the reason it hasn't been done.

I call first thing Monday morning (7 am) and wait 1 minute to talk to a representative. After explaining my story, I'm told I will need to talk with a senior representative. I get connected, hear the voice and wham! the phone goes dead. Okay, no problem I'll have to call back, these things happen. I call the second time and now my wait time is 15 minutes. I finally get connected and tell the representative I need to talk with a senior representative and explain I've already been disconnected. She wants to know my story, so once again I tell another representative, gee big surprise she puts me on hold and sure enough wham! I get disconnected again! Now I'm getting really irritated, I call again and this time it's another 15 minute wait! As soon as I get through I beg the representative to please put me through to the senior representative and the reason why! Thankfully she cooperates and I FINALLY get to talk to the person I need to. I once again explain the situation and she assures me someone will be out on Monday to disconnect the power! It does in fact get done. Mike Kushion finished the siding on both gable ends. As soon as the window comes in the and that side gets done the siding will be complete!

The new Patio Door has been installed.

And...the mess from the new patio door installation.

A box full of broken glass! Mike and his son Eric needed to break the glass in order to get the old door out! Guess who cleaned up the mess? It took 4 smaller boxes to transfer the glass and get it removed from the backyard. It went in our dumpster at the condo!

The demo'd kitchen!

The boarded up hole in the center family room wall is waiting for the new window! Mike had a challenge cutting the hole and holding up the roof, etc., but as usual he worked his miracles and all went well! I am installing an awning window that will add much needed light in the room. Bookcases will be added to both sides and cabinets below. I can't wait to see the finished product!