Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pink Saturday Rookie!

Hi Everyone,

This is my first ever Pink Saturday post! Beverly from How Sweet the Sound hosts this wonderful event each week. I've been following the posts for some time and finally got in ahead of the deadline (I remembered)!

I have many, many pink treasures to contribute in the coming weeks, but this week I decided to add a final glimpse of summer from a photo I took last month of my bucket of pink petunias.

Bask in the memories of the warm sunshine, the chirping birds, the laughter of neighborhood children, the warm breeze gently blowing the curtains, the aroma of freshly cut grass, leisurely evening walks, the smell of a BBQ wafting from a neighbors yard, a glass of wine on the patio, the sound of crickets in the still night, fireflies blinking so sweetly and...

Goodbye summer, you will be missed.


  1. Welcome to Pink Saturday! I'll look forward to your pink sharings. Your bucket of pink petunias are quite pretty.

    Have a great week.
    ciao for now,
    Elena :)

  2. Pretty Petunies! Here in Texas, they were done in,hotter and hottest! Welcome to Pink Saturday...this is my're going to have a great time today!...Sue

  3. Hi Tammi...welcome to pink Saturday!! I love your tribute to summer...very well said. I look forward to visiting you in the coming weeks!
    Have a perfectly pink day!
    xo Tami

  4. Such a pretty bucket of posies. I too am sorry to see summer go although it was pretty much rainy and cold here in VT, I did spend 6 weeks down south and get my summer in.

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  5. Beautiful Pentunias.
    Summer is ending, but I look forward to the colors of autumn.
    Welcome to Pink Saturday.

  6. Hi Tami, welcome to Pink Saturday! Petunias are one of my favorites...they smell so good on a hot summer day! The pink looks lovely against the galvanized pail too. Hugs, Leslie

  7. Welcome to Pink Saturday! Your petunias are lovely! I hate to see summer go, too. It is definitely gone here in the Northeast!

  8. It's getting to be a little autumnal here, so thanks for the memories! Welcome to PS!

  9. Welcome to Pink Saturday, Tammi! I love pink petunias; thanks for sharing.


  10. Isn't is sad when the flowers begin to tire and we know that their color will be replaced with the fall leaves. But, we always have hope for the following spring...

  11. What LOVELY pink blossoms! I was a newbie to Pink Saturday LAST week and can relate because I kept missing the deadline too. Welcome aboard and have a lovely weekend.
    Hugs and blessings,

  12. *´¨)
    ¸.*´¸.**´¨) ¸.**´¨)
    (¸.*´ (¸.*´* HAPPY PINK SATURDAY

  13. Yes, it's almost over, but there are many of us that can't wait for the end of the heat to come. I am in the desert and want the fall air to be here. We are still seeing triple digits during the day, so I will enjoy the cooler temps. Your bucket of blooms is lovely, welcome to the group and Happy Pink Saturday. Char

  14. Hi and welcome to PS. I love that you used a bucket for your petunias. I've read some of you other posts and it seems we are cut from the same cloth so I signed up to become a follower.

    Perhaps you'll visit me and become a follower of mine. I can see that we'll be fast friends!

    Enjoy your day!

  15. A big PINK WELCOME to Pink Saturday! Oh, pink petunias in an old pail...darling. Total nostalgia...i adore that look. Having grown up in northern WI as a child, this reminds me of those days from long ago.

    I peeked at some of your earlier posts and they are wonderful! That dressing table is TO DIE FOR...what a find!!!
    Happy PS,

  16. everyone is putting out their Fall stuff but I am just not ready to let summer go. The hanging baskets and flowers on the deck are just gorgeous right now. I don't want to exchange my pinks for orange. LOL.....Happy First Pink Saturday!

    WELCOME! You have just joined a great group of women and your will have a lot of fun.
    I love the picture of the vibrant pink petunia's in the old bucket....beautiful photograph.
    I joined your lovely blog and would love for you to visit my blog and join mine. Right now I am quite busy with my 33 year old daughter who is in the final stages of cancer and so my blog is, well, different for these next footsteps for awhile.
    angel hugs
    very nice to meet you

  18. Happy 1st pink saturday, love your bucket of petunias, the perfect color, hope you have a wonderful weekend

  19. What a lovely photo. Welcome to Pink Saturday. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

  20. Simply divine Pink Petunias! Welcome!
    Joyce M

  21. Welcome to Pink Saturday! I look forward to seeing more Pink Saturday posts!

    Hugs, Marsha

  22. Pink petunias in a pot are the perfect pink for Pink Saturday!!

  23. I will miss summer too, but I am so excited to pull out fall coats. I cannot wait! Happy PS and I am glad you joined us.

  24. Welcome to Pink Saturday! I love that ol bucket with those yummy pinks in it. What a great contrast! Becs

  25. Your petunias are still doing really well! Mine are pretty much spent, but put on a good show this summer!

    Welcome to your first Pink Saturday and I can't wait to see what you have in store for us.

    Thanks for sharing and Happy Pink Saturday!


  26. Welcome to the Pink Saturday, your petunias are gorgeous!!!
    See you soon

  27. Hi, Tammi,
    Loved your happy, pretty pink petunias! Welcome to Pink Saturday and have a beautiful weekend. Vicki

  28. Hi Tami, welcome to Pink Saturday! Your blooms are lovely, Happy Pink Saturday.

  29. Hi Tammi,
    Welcome to Pink Saturday!! Love your pink petunias. It is sad to see summer go, even though I love the autumn in New England.
    ♥ Rebecca

  30. Welcome and love your flowers
    Happy Late PINK SATURDAY....I am always appreciative of comments that people take the time to leave..and if you dont have time maybe next time....God Bless you this week!

    God Bless

  31. Your pink petunias look perfect in the tin bucket. A fitting farewell to summer and an excellent first Pink Saturday.

  32. I'm missing summer already!..we never really had a summer here in Ontario. The weather was terrible, however we are enjoying a beautiful fall so far!

  33. Hi Tammi! Welcome to Pink Saturday. I came here via Leann at The Old Parsonage. She says you are soul sisters! Happy Pink Saturday and thanks for sharing your pretty pink petunias in the bucket!

  34. Well, nothing like being a week late to visit, but welcome to your first Pink Saturday, Tammi. I finally have a working computer again.

    Those are the most gorgeous pink petunias I have ever seen.

    I added myself as one of your followers, and I hope you will follow my blog, too.