Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Before & Afters

I'm finally posting the before and after photos of some of the projects I have completed this summer. Earlier in the summer my neighbors had an estate sale. Their Mother had passed away in November and they had a LOT of stuff to unload. The family had lived in the house for over 50 years. I purchased a few treasures, one of which is this dressing table.

This is how it looked after a good scrubbing! It was painted to look "antiqued" over a dark wood veneer. It was very dingy and dirty looking! The pictures don't do its poor appearance justice.

After the first coat of paint. It took two more coats!

The finished product, complete with new crystal knobs, I love the wooden wheels. The drawers are really really hard to open, I even bought wax to run along the edges but their still tough to open. Any ideas? I think I may need to do a little sanding.

I now have the perfect place for the old dresser set I purchased in Raleigh last spring while visiting my daughter. We love to junk around together! I really miss her! :-(

The next project was painting the porch...ummm, do you think it needed it???

A couple of closeups of how bad it really was!

I didn't want a midnight black, I wanted more of a charcoal color. Do you think I could get it right the first time? Of course not...it took one coat of the dark grey that had a bluish tint. I thought for certain it would dry darker, um NO, it still looked blue! I took the paint back and asked the paint person if she could darken it. I told her about my blue concern, she said "hmmm I don't know why it's showing blue" she read off the colors and in no way did any of them seem BLUE. After a couple attempts we got it darkened up and I must say I'm about 90% happy with the finished product...maybe just a little darker/blacker would have been nice, but I'm not going to add a third coat (not this year anyway)! ;-)

These photos look much lighter than it really is...I think another coat next year may be on the agenda!


  1. Love that dressing table!! What a find.


  2. Thanks for your recent visit and comments on my blog. I see you live in my home state of Michigan.
    What a difference a fresh coat of paint can make! Your dressing table turned out adorable and your porch looks so fresh and inviting. I love your red front door.

  3. NICE job on your makeovers Tammi! I love the little vanity. You can sand the drawers or if you know somone really good with power tools they could even nip a little of the wood off to get them to slide easily since the wax didn't work. My hubby has a whole arsenol of power tools and does very good work, but I am still waiting on sticky drawers to be fixed. lol