Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Drywall has begun...

Mike K. framed in the windows and hung the doors. He also tore out the laundry room cabinets, sink and counter.

New laundry room door opening and installed door.

Framing on bedroom window

Laundry room counter and sink tear out.

Laundry cabinet tear out.

New bedroom doors installed.

Break Time!

The electrician is done for now, check out the new exterior lighting.

Front porch light.

Lights on back of house.

Tony the drywall guy started Monday, July 21. He spent all of last week and Monday of this week and part of today! His job is done!


Family Room - looking into mud hall and towards kitchen.

Family Room - looking toward new window and 1/2 bath.

The long floor fight has ended! It is finally, completely tore up! Mike K. helped us immensely, he did 2/3's of it in alot less time it took us to a 1/3.

Collection of "stuff" - items to be installed.

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