Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Back Outside & Inside Work - Finally!!

The Siding is complete! Photo's coming soon with all the "junk" cleaned up and looking a little better. Landscaping and adding the finishing touches won't happen until late summer, early fall! Now to the inside!

The photo below shows what an amazing job Mike the contractor did with the attic doors. Much better than before...the old ones didn't close correctly and were an eyesore to say the least! These look like they belong here!

The new window is in! I couldn't be happier with final result! This was money well spent!

Inside view of the new window! It adds so much light to the Family Room! What a huge improvement!

The framing has begun. This is the framed doorway to the utility room. The drywallers begin Monday, July 21!

I know, not very exciting, but these are some of the new recessed lights in the Family Room.

Yet more lights!

And the final photo of lights!

Expanded opening between the Family Room and Kitchen (Family Room View).

Kitchen view.

The floor tear out!! Brutal, that's all I can say! Painstaking, backbreaking BRUTAL! Hours and hours of miserable work!!! But...it WILL be worth it!

Yup, that's Mike, working his fingers to the bone, litterly!

Mr. Toby hates the pounding! He waits in the car for hours, he doesn't want to get left behind!!

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