Sunday, June 15, 2008

Jameson House 3-30-08

And this is where it begins...out of the blue I open the paper and glance through the Open Houses. Much to my surprise I see a listing on Jameson just outside of Lathrup park for $49,900! In complete shock and disbelief we decide to check it out (Betsie, Mike and me). I'm thinking it must be in the city but what the heck for that price in that neighborhood who cares.

Upon arriving at the house I realize it's in the Township, how can this be? We make our way inside with several other prospective buyers and discover the house is in complete disarray. No furnace, appliances, hot water heater, etc. It smells like cat pee and is FREEZING! The kitchen is a 1970's wreck, cabinets made from particle board of the cheapest quality!

We continue to check it out and the entire time my wheels are turning I'm envisioning what this place could look like! My shabby chic cottage type house!!

And so it goes...

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