Sunday, June 22, 2008

Furnace, Bathroom and Siding

I know it's not terribly exciting but the new furnace is in, along with central air! The furnace is so small.

After ALOT of revisions, the bathroom is put back together. Some bozo decided to cut through the floor joist in order to install the toilet. You can imagine what that did to the stability in the floor, not to mention there were a few leaks over the years and the floor was disintegrating. But...all is good now. New floor, new tub, new green board on the walls, just waiting for the finishing touches.

Siding tear off is underway!

Drum roll please...the new siding is going on! It was between dark grey, yellow and ivory. I finally decided on the yellow and I couldn't be happier. The new roof is on too! Progress is beginning to be seen by passersby. As a matter of fact, someone from the township stopped by and thanked Mike Kusion for fixing up the house. He told her to thank the homeowner, he was only doing the work. She was taking pictures for some paper, now we just need to find out which one!

Josie making herself at home!

Great view of new door, new roof, new windows and new porch re-enforcements! The old porch posts were rotted, hmmm I wonder why the overhang was drooping??? We also cut down the bush type tree between the two small front windows!

Toby and Josie say hi!

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