Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It's Starting to take Shape!

Mike K. has been busy in the Family Room. He spent the last couple of weeks working on the cabinetry and trim work on the wall with the new window. He is truly a Master Carpenter. I give him an idea of what I want and the next day it's taking shape! He is meticulous and wants things to be perfect. He craftsmanship is evident in all he does.

Check out the bookcases and window detail. For a while I thought it looked like a kitchen, the next thing I knew he made some additions and now it looks like an entertainment area. I couldn't be happier! Once the paint goes on, a new look will been evident!

I love the way this looks!

He also enhanced the existing fireplace mantel and added a shelving area to the open side of the fireplace on the left. It had no purpose before Mike started working with it. He will be wiring this area so I can put a flat panel TV above the fireplace.

Up close photo of the area left of the fireplace.

I've been getting my treasures ready for their new home. Most of these things I bought at the antique show back in the spring. The all needed some painting and little TLC. This day I was busy getting them cleaned up.

The chandelier is my favorite find! I love it!

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